Talking about the origin and the history of La Concepción Market is synonymous with recalling the origin and the history of the neighbourhood where it stands: el Eixample. Up until the beginning of the 19th Century, the city of Barcelona was located, more or less sufficiently, within the walls surrounding it, although with the advent of industrialisation, the urban area proved too small to house the new factories that sprang up and the ensuing population growth.The space beyond the walls was regarded as a military area and as such no building was allowed there This meant that many factories and housing for the workers were built in neighbouring towns and villages, such as Gràcia, Sants, Sant Martí, Sant Andreu, etc. The relationship between Barcelona and these places was very intense, as confirmed by the existence of roads and regular transport services between them, such as the one linking the city to Gràcia, which started in the street known as Portal del Ángel. The avenue which is now called Paseo de Gràcia (the former Gràcia road) was a very busy thoroughfare, and it was that area, peppered with trees and fields, which the inhabitants of Barcelona  
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